Cover art for Philip Vlemmings

This design is for the first album”Equilibrio”of guitarist Philip Vlemmings.

His music is intense but perfectly balanced. Equilibrio, is a collection of compositions written and played entirely by himself, and is a telling example of his natural musical style and the unique atmosphere it engenders. 

As an artist, Philip Vlemmings has come a long way and the result is an astounding narrative of musical purity and maturity – a magical wordless story to be discovered by all.

W. Kusters

source: www.philipvlemmings

“Equilibrio” means balance physicaly and emotionaly, purity and self-development.

I used guitar snares to form a narrative balanced line play on the cover of the album. That play continues on the inside of the album cover where the silhouettes of the two persons also form a darker guitar silhouette in a way.

He loved it! I just had to change the warm colours I used into shades of blue.
Which became his house colours.

Philip Vlemmings

Year: 2014
Categories: Cover Art, Illustration

Creative Direction