Elevator Soundz

Logo & T-shirt design

This cute (like the DJ) little bear is holding an elevator and listening to it with his headphones on. The image is inspired on the name “Elevator Soundz”. The bear is chilling and enjoying listening to uplifting Drum & Bass.

Elevator Soundz is an upcoming Belgian Drum & Bass DJ.
I love his music so it was easy for me to dive into his world and create an appropriate logo and style.

At a party you need to dress up, so we created some T-shirts.
The white print on the T-shirts illuminates when worn in a black-light environment, you know like in a great Drum & Bass party.

Please find his music here.


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying a T-shirt. 

Elevator Soundz

Year: 2016
Categories: Illustration, Brand Identity

Creative Direction