I love snowboarding and I always do my best to meet up yearly with my great friends, the snowy mountains. So it’s normal that I draw snowboards in my sketchbook on a rainy day.

As I was drawing snowboards in my sketchbook, they suddenly looked like tongues. So it seemed like a great idea to have that looking pretty nice on a snowboard.

After a couple of drawings I had the tongue just perfect and turned it into a vector drawing in one of my favourite programs: Illustrator.
At that moment I hadn’t got a clue what to do with the backside.
I showed it to some friends, and then rose the idea of having a snowboard that actually licks the snow :-p

That was great. But I still had to do something with the front side. (Which is kind of the most important side). 

So I got back to the sketchbook and started playing with rocks and graphic elements. I love rocks and mountains, so that was nice.
Off course the tongue looks like the one of the Rolling Stones, and off course I was inspired, but it also inspired me to give it a title: Rock & Ride. The & has a flowing black line between the rocks and the snow like when you draw the first line while boarding.

I use it as my personal board and I never lose it in the snow,
although I used a lot of white space on the front side.

Free work

Year: 2013
Categories: Board design, Artwork, Illustration

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