Logo design - Viking - Talent In Vlaanderen

Logo design – Talent In Vlaanderen

Talent In Vlaanderen Logo design Logo design for the new recruitment service of Recruitment Lab, "Talent in Vlaanderen". They came up with the idea of a viking or a viking ship, that conquers the (bus…

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Stationary design for Optique Lefevre

Stationery design for Optique Lefevre

Optique Lefevre Branding Stationery design projects for Optique Lefevre : Greeting cards, business cards, eyewear tissues, tote bags, enveloppes, and even his stores roller shutter. In his interior de…

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M Optique logo design

Logo design M Optique

M Optique Logo design Logo design for Lambert Optique. For the trasformation to mobile optician service. With that I mean a house to house optician. He wanted his mobility reflected in his new logo, b…

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Mug and calendar with printed illustration for the branded products of World Food Programme - branding design

Branding World Food Programme

Branding design World Food Programme Branding design Branding design for World Food Programme. The goal was to translate their image and philosophy of "Zero Hunger" visually and decline it on several …

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Logo design - Tuinen Cappelle

Logo Tuinen Cappelle

Tuinen Cappelle Logo design Logo design for landscaping service "Tuinen Cappelle". CLIENT Tuinen Cappelle Year: 2017 Categories: Corporate identity SERVICES Concept Design Development Creative Directi…

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Logo design SVIA - Social vouchers international association - corporate branding

SVIA corporate branding

SVIA corporate branding Corporate branding Corporate branding for SVIA social vouchers. Graphic design of a new logo, style and set of icons. CLIENT SVIA Year: 2017 Categories: Branding SERVICES Conce…

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Logo design for Eyeland on the shop window

Primeoptix Eyeland logo creation

Logo creation for Primeoptix Eyeland Logo design Logo creation for Primoptix Eyeland. Based on their renovated store with a modern geometric style. ...... Project in co-operation with Optic Libre. ...…

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Ontwerp lenzendoosje blauw en rood met icoon

Contact lenses packaging

Contact lenses packaging Packaging Nice little project for Optic Libre. A packaging design for a contact lenses box. CLIENT Optic Libre Year: 2015 Categories: Packaging SERVICES Concept Design Develop…

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Paper holder design

Carnet de Vue Paper holder General paper holder design for Optic Libre, that will be used by their opticians. I also created this corporate identity for Optic Libre some years ago. As we are a now bit…

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