Cd cover art - Sou Musica Phillip Vlemmings

CD cover art – Sou Musica

Sou Musica CD Cover art CD cover art for guitarist Philip Vlemmings last album "Sou Musica". He wanted some kind of smooth visual expression of his music on this album. Something abstract, warm, soft …

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Kirill Skovpen - CD cover artwork - Too Near Too Far

Too Near Too Far

TOO NEAR TOO FAR Cover art for Kirill Skovpen Cover art for Russian DJ and producer Kirill Skovpen. His music is a mixture of indie pop with influences from punk to gospel. It was a nice collaboration…

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EQUILIBRIO Cover art for Philip Vlemmings This design is for the first album"Equilibrio"of guitarist Philip Vlemmings. His music is intense but perfectly balanced. Equilibrio, is a collection of compo…

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CD cover artwork for Philip Vlemmings - Eudaimonia


EUDAIMONIA Cover art for Philip Vlemmings Cover art for Philip Vlemmings second album "Eudaimonia". Eudaimonia is an understanding of the Greek philosophy, a Greek myth. Philip wanted this cover artwo…

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Cd cover art for album "Omdat het juist is" from the blind musical duo Koda


KODA Omdat het juist is I created this album for KODA, the blind duo that got famous for their participation in "Belgium's got talent". The dots are actually braille and they mean "Omdat het juist is"…

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