Poster illustration - Pelion

Poster illustration “Pelion”

Poster Pelion Poster design This poster illustration was requested as a birthday gift for the husband of my customer. It represents a place in Greece called Pelion. The cool thing (amongst the others)…

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Birth card Ellis - cover and envelop

Birth card design – Ellis

Ellis Birth card Birth card design for a girl. A baby of rock climbing friends of mine. So off course the theme was climbing, rocks, babies, portaledges, adventure ... It was fun to design a birth car…

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Letterpress birth card design "Seth"

Birth card design – Seth

Seth Birth card A birth card design for Seth. The little boy of one of my friends. In co-operation with Letterkabinet Gent for the letterpress finish. CLIENT Dominique Bertin Year: 2019 Categories: Po…

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Ontwerp wegenwerken poster voor Focus Optiek Gavere

Focus Optiek – Wegenwerken flyer

Wegenwerken flyer Focus Optiek Gavere wanted to communicate to her clients about the ongoing road works near the shop. I was inspired by her logo to create a kind of road map. The forms and bright col…

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Graphic design front side of sales flyer for La Lunetterie

Flyer for sales at La Lunetterie

La Lunetterie flyer Flyer for La Lunetterie. To communicate about the sales in an original way, I used a part of the logo to create the % sign. ...... Project in co-operation with Optic Libre. ...... …

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Karaoke Night

KARAOKE NIGHT Release the Muse This poster was created for Release the Muse, a series of events organised by the Erasmus college in Brussels. The illustration shows a stylised microphone. For this cli…

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me and my broken heart, typography, collage, photoshop, scherven, shard, glass, red, poster, graphic, design, suzy, defaux, freelance, rixton


RIXTON Poster design contest for Rixton - Me and my broken heart I made this poster for the design contest "Design Commemorative Art for Rixton" on Creative Allies. Rixton is a British pop/rock/R&…

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London typography


London Artwork The artwork with the teabags is my participation to one of the ShowUsYourType contests. The main focus of the contest is to make a unique and creative typographical poster with the name…

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Poster for Philip Vlemmings presentation of the album Eudaimonia

Eudaimonia concert

EUDAIMONIA Philip Vlemmings presents his new album Eudaimonia Philip Vlemmings is a professional guitarist who contacted me at the start of his first album. Now we still have a nice cooperation and he…

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