Hand painted T-shirt design - Wild

Hand painted T-shirt design “Wild”

Wild T-shirt design & artwork Hand painted T-shirt design. "Wild" is one of my personal works that I transformed into a T-shirt print, postcard, frame, ... Originally, "Wild" is a typographical co…

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t-shirt design TribaLeuven - screen print on tank top

T-shirt design TribaLeuven

T-shirt TribaLeuven T-shirt design T-shirt design created for KaoZ Dance Collective. Kaoz Dance Collective asked me to create a t-shirt design for their yearly dance festival. "TribaLeuven" is a yearl…

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t-shirt design hippo - custom t-shirt

Hand painted T-shirt design “Hippo”

T-shirt Hippo T-shirt design Hand painted T-shirt design. Here the assignment was to illustrate and personalise a t-shirt as a gift for a pregnant woman. It had to be a gift for her and not for the ba…

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